Cost & Financial Aids


The cost quoted includes most of the expenses associated with attending the program. The estimated 2005-2006 academic year fees are

Program tuition (2 semesters)....$8,600

Other program costs .............. $8,100

This includes room and partial board (breakfast and dinner), orientation, field trips, commuting costs, and books for the full academic year. This estimated fee is calculated on an anticipated dollar/yen exchange rate of ¥102/$1. Any unexpended part of these yen-based costs will be refunded after the program has ended.

The program negotiates one-year round-trip tickets for students in the program.

Students are also responsible for purchasing (1) U.S. health insurance that covers them overseas to supplement the health coverage provided in Japan and (2) emergency medical repatriation insurance. The above costs are paid by all participants.

Each of the consortium schools may add some additional fees. Check with the Program Coordinator at your school for the fees to be paid.


Students at consortium universities receiving financial aid may apply it to this program. Please check with the Program Coordinator at your university for further information.

Several Short-Term JASSO ( Japan Student Services Organization) scholarships are awarded through Konan University to consortium students only. Consortium students admitted to the program are automatically considered for this scholarship.

Applicants from non-consortium universities should check with their home institutions about the availability of financial aid. The University of Illinois can certify your participation in the program and provide an accurate budget.

Some financial support is also available through Konan University. Konan University provides some scholarship assistance to all students who do not receive an JASSO scholarship.  

There are several organizations that provide scholarships that can be used by students studying in this program. We encourage you to consider all of these scholarships.