Workplace bullying is a serious offense. With more cases being lodged year after year, the moral police from the corporate world have forged-in in full force to help and resolve this menace

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Are the nasty comments slung by that shroud peer weighing you down? Are the insufferable insults snubbing your confidence and crushing your morale? Is the thought of going back to work scaring the living daylight out of you? If so, it’s time to hit back, fight those demons and face the reality that you‘ve fallen prey to evil pangs of corporate bullying

Being new at a foreign corporate environment can be both – an extremely nerve-wrecking as well as an exhilarating experience for any management fresher. It is therefore important to understand at this junction that nothing and nobody has the right to taint, disturb or interfere with these initial phases of experience and excitement Given the appalling statistics, be aware that bullying can be a possible practice in your new organization. So, whether it a taunt from a superior or an unwelcome personal comment by a peer– stepping up against bullying from the very start will be your best move to cope with the initial flutters of workplace ragging.

Early intervention

Anyone who creates a hostile environment at your workplace is a bully. Understanding that corporate ragging is a serious offense is the first step to combat this menace. According to a study conducted by Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute (WBTI), about 35 percent of employees are victims of office bullying while 15 percent have witnessing it happening to fresher and others. Practicing personal courage is the most effective way to deal with office bullying. Knowing when you’ve been bullied is crucial – any form of aggression, hostility and act of intimidation or mockery is deemed as bullying.

Irrespective of the quarter it is slung from, that is, whether it is the boss, a team leader or a mere peer every gruesome act of bullying needs to be addressed immediately and eradicated at once. Use courage and self- confidence as bait. Be well- prepared and well read and also put a strong front. The best way to keep the bullies at bay is to make a solid first impression, your no nonsense attitude will send out a strong message.

Drawing the line

If it is an episodic flare-up or a manageable variety of bullying then marking your territory and defining your tolerance level should do the trick. Don’t over work to over please. Being made to do meager tasks or compulsory odd jobs like making coffee, buying breakfast, paying personal bills is also accounted as unreasonable ragging tactics. If you’ve been dumped with irrational amount of work then step up and say ‘no’, be vocal if you disagree or disapprove of the way you’re being treated. Dumped with work that is not part of your job profile is a form of bullying as well. Remember that being sincere and efficient at your work is all it should take to prove your corporate mettle. To avoid being misrepresented and discredited by a bully, tabulate and document your work and every move. Learning to step up when required will relieve you from overloading and might even earn you some respect from your peers, bullies and bosses.


Notify the authorities

If you have taken every possible measure and still failed to keep that bully at bay, then its time to make the call and notify the concerned authorities. Keeping the human resources department of your firm in the loop might help. These folks are usually pro-active and helpful. But if your bully is higher in the management hierarchy and manages to churn out numbers and results for your organization, there are chances that you’re complain will be deemed as a case of negative motivation. In order to avoid such a circumstance Produce evidence of your assault to build your case and prove your innocence. Be honest and provide examples of the abuse. Do not shy away from seeking assistance from your co-workers, managers and outside council, you will need a strong back up and support through the process.


Being a role model

Practicing the wise proverb ‘be the change you want to see’, a newcomer should always aim be a model employee. Set a good example at your workplace by being a good role model. Learning to appreciate, compliment and give credit can present an extremely pleasant and likeable front of your personality. Remain calm under pressure and always stick to deadline. Unfinished work and lousy presentation will project you as an easy target. Help your boss and your superiors to see you in a better light by being extremely professional in your every move. Be polite and courteous. Do not cross boundaries and take credit for someone else’s accomplishment. To come across as a team- player and a fair competitor use positive reinforcement while interacting with your peers.

If you are an unfortunate victim of corporate bullying, it’s about time you stepped up and took action. Though there isn’t a judicial law to combat this menace as yet, being the respectable and literate member of the corporate society that you are, you owe it to yourself and to all the 53 millions victims out there to rage a war and bring those bullies down, because at the end of the day ‘what we allow is what will continue.’


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Author:  buddingmanagers
Posted On:  Saturday, 5 July, 2014 - 11:37

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