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Modern MBA course is just not learning concepts of marketing, finance, HR and Operations.

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Modern MBA course is just not learning concepts of marketing, finance, HR and Operations. It goes beyond these- in terms of managing business effectively and in an acceptable manner to an organization, society and the world at large. With the social media disseminating information through status updates, blogs, and tweets- at a speed of light and sound, the demand for not only knowledge but the application part of it is very high. Therefore, modern managers in the corporate must be agile, swift and faster in their reflexes than of those a decade ago. Modern Managers must find ways to remain competitive, moving away from olden industrial driven mind set to technology driven knowledge creating, sharing and learning organization. Even universities across the Globe are becoming Learning Organizations (LO). It is therefore eminent that Modern Managers must focus on

Identifying key issues and resolving the issues with various alternatives.

Application based on the past experiences of similar situations.

Innovating newer ways of doing things – which are faster and effective.

Using extra intelligence and intuition in decision making process.

Open mind for new ideas.

Basically managers have to look out, look within and look around to be successful both in their professional and personal life. This precisely means managers, should look at both -tacitly and explicitly. This will include socialization, externalization, and combination and internalization process. Budding Managers must look at good management practices instead of focusing only on profitability and growth. They need to also understand the meaning of best practices in the context of society moving away from the thought of wealth maximization of self and the organization alone. Any focus, only internally for growth in the long run can result in disappointments and disillusion creating lots of anxiety.

One of the missing links in modern management education is connecting oneself to human behaviour and spirituality and comprehensive effect on an individual and the society as a whole. A holistic approach with a focus in understanding interplay between the outer and inner world and ability to manage both effectively will result in a manager becoming successful in an organization. The first step to understand this concept of confluence is to

Refine Growth

Connecting the dot with overall growth of the organization.

Connecting the dot further with societal growth and finally with

Happiness Index.

Budding Managers must also look at dissemination of management knowledge by giving equal importance to both skills and attitudes. Organization now a days hire managers with greater attitude followed by Knowledge and skills. Does not mean, skill set and knowledge are not important they are equally important. But when you look at the recruitment pattern, organizations do not pick-up or recruit people with attitude problems whereas, skills and knowledge if there is a gap, they don’t mind training them to bridge the gap. Therefore, budding managers must develop right attitude to work in a team and deliver the timely result with an extended understanding of benefit to the whole organization and beyond. To achieve this goal a manager has to be Creative, Collaborative, Cohesive and finally co-creating values. This leads to the point that business schools create an atmosphere for freedom to think, create, and express which will result in success. For this budding managers must take proactive actions to make use of autonomy in a positive way. This kind of proactive attitude in Business schools will also encourage entrepreneurial agility and sustainability of an individual as a manager for longer period of professional career. Technological innovations and social media platforms need to be judiciously and effectively used without ignoring. If these platforms are used effectively it will bring in lots of inputs, sharing and learning in a big way. Therefore, modern day managers must make full use of these platforms to enhance their performance.

Budding Managers must also understand the culture, value system and governance transparency of an organization to take-up leadership positions in an organization.

Budding Managers must go through a learning process starting from abstract conceptualization, Reflective Observation , Concrete experience and Active implementation through projects in their respective organizations so that both organizational and individual performance enhance through experiential learning methods rather than looking only at the theory or the concept level. Budding Managers must take initiative and risk to ensure that they implement their Business School learnings into workplace to become successful in their career. Experiences generally moves around activities designed to improve interpersonal, leadership, communication, change management and teamwork process rather than focused only on an individual growth.

Building trust and greater authenticity and openness with teams to accelerate the team development process are crucial for modern managers. Not to mention here that conflict management, commitment, accountability and results are also integral part of the Budding Manger’s growth plan for both team and individual performance and delivery. Business School grads must have gone through immersive experiences both small and large group activities which come in handy when the manager’s board Corporate Flights. Now a days organizations are looking for large group intervention to implement fast changes for the whole system impact that can meet specific client needs. Therefore, agility of modern managers to adopt and adapt for quicker results and reflexes are important to grow to a leadership level. As the new mangers move up in an organization they need to look at the results across numerous data points to one conclusion which means leadership is changing and approaches focusing on co-creation, collaboration are pivotal for performance indicators which leads to a path of Self Directed Learning, focused knowledge acquisition and finally implement the learnings through action methods.

Budding Managers must also understand the culture, value system and governance transparency of an organization to take-up leadership positions in an organization. Even the modern management guru Peter Drucker cared not only about business manages its resources, but also how public and private organizations operate ethically and morally within the society, which indicates that modern managers must respect the values of education, personal responsibility, business accountability to the society as well. So, it is absolutely critical to look at value system, and its effect on business, society and individual lives. Modern Managers have to be highly innovative, for that they must be capable of imagining and creating newer products, processes and willing to walk an extra mile in their efforts and not willing to give-up trying new things. However, the word of caution is don’t ever sacrifice your company’s future and success at the cost of innovation. Many organizations jump into this sea without understanding the depth and looking at long-term sustainability just to show their trajectory. You need to be very cautious and do your homework with adequate infrastructure, technology, human resources, and financial resources in place before trying any next big idea. Prioritization is an important factor in manager’s professional journey both in terms of his own time and organizational time, which may include disciplined time management for tasks and meeting the deadlines every time to establish the credibility of walking the talk.

Budding Mangers initially will be playing a role of planning, delegating as asking the team members to do things in a defined way and expecting results as a matured manager moving up to leadership position in an organization they need to inspire team members to bring out the potential by inspiring them without directing them to perform a task. This will facilitate in building a larger, capable, sustainable teams which may not be dependent on a single individual for the growth. Every budding manager must dream of inspiring others to perform instead of manager managing them. Last but not the least, don’t ever get into celebrating your success in a big way. But feel happy and motivated to play the next game successfully to become a real winner in the long run, if you can do this successfully you will move from budding, blossoming to holistic leadership level.



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