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Drink drinks your life span and cigarette smokes your healthy life

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  •           These are the fantasy statements amongst todays youth. When I saw this contest I just typed alcohol in a search engine and was amazed to see 179,000,000 results and 442,000 results for its ill effects. This simply signifies how dangerous and deadly the habit of drinking and smoking are. World has faced too many people who fought and are fighting for ˜Women rights, men women equality but where has it ended, Men and women smoking the same cigarette or women saying cheers and having her drink in the parties? TODAY drinking takes place in disguise of parties and Smoking has a self explanatory reason named .œTENSION. A popular orator once conducted an experiment in one of his speeches, explaining the ill effects of alcohol. 
  •          He had two glasses of clear liquids. He put an insect in 1st glass, it survived, and then he put it in the other glass but this time it died disintegrating into pieces. People enjoyed the experiment and it made them all exclaim what the second glass had in it. They were dumbstruck after knowing that the second glass was a glass of alcoholic beverage that was kept for them to drink in the party hall outside. The attempt of the orator must definitely be appreciated and it seems 15% of them who were present there quitted the habit of drinking once and for all.
  •          95% of today students know the cost of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes but how many of them know the ill effects they cause? Not even 15%. TOBACCO: Tobacco are leaves of plant that are used in dried form, they are high in nicotine and consequently addictive in nature. Tobacco can be taken in the form of: • Chewing Snuff  Smoking People are bound to make a mistake thinking that only chewing is hazardous. Tobacco is bad for health, no matter in what form you take it, the ill effects are always there. The high content of nicotine makes it very addictive, once a person gets addicted to smoking; chewing or sniffing it becomes difficult to leave it. At times efforts fail and person goes back to taking tobacco. have promised to quit smoking umpteen numbers of times in life says many. This shows their addiction rather call it the success of their dreadful friend Mr. TOBACCO. 
  •            SMOKING affects respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. And as you know CANCER is a loyal friend of smokers. If you say I prefer dying rather than quitting the habit of smoking then this is for you- Smoking not only affects the smoker health but also the heath of people around them because smoke contains more than four thousand poisonous substances which cause various diseases-even death. Among these are cancer-producing substances, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other irritating substances. Tar and carbon monoxide irritate and damage the lining of the lungs when you breathe in air with cigarette smoke. This starts as a tickle in your throat, and later turns into smoker's cough.
  •           As this gets worse, you produce more and more phlegm. The body tries its level best to protect you from the hazards of smoking by making you cough just like a red alert. But people don't understand and they continue smoking. Just think, when they don't understand what their own body tries to say to stop them from smoking how will they understand what others say.
  •           That is why if you want a person to quit smoking you must tell him how his own body will respond to it rather than pleading him just saying not good sweetheart.” Tobacco smoke is the second biggest cause of death worldwide, and is reported to have been responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the 20 th century. Drinking: Alcohol is no less than tobacco though they have a tough competition in eating up lives. A very great orator conducted an experiment in one of his speeches explaining the ill effects of alcohol. He had two glasses of clear liquids. He put an insect in 1 st glass, it survived, then in the other but this time it died disintegrating into pieces. 
  •          People were dumbstruck after knowing that the 2nd glass was a glass of alcoholic beverage that was kept in the party hall outside. Alcohol consumption affects the internal organs specially the brain and the liver. Usually when we find a drunken man entertaining people on street we call him brainless. But its actually a bit true. Researches have proved that the brains of alcoholics are smaller, lighter and "shrunken" when compared to nonalcoholic brains. After knowing this only one question comes to all minds. Yes, it is if there is any chance of recovering the brain size and mental disorders if this habit is quitted. 
  •         Regeneration is possible but researches also show that the longer someone drinks excessively, the more the brain loses the capacity for regeneration. If you think drinking as a better option than smoking because it affects only the drinkers then you are 200% wrong. DRINK AND DRIVE has culminated as the enemy of road safety today. Most of the road accidents are done by drinkers due to careless driving. Cini stars, Trend setters, role models what ever you call them, have made people think that drinking and smoking are the present trend and fashion. We cant directly blame them as all the scenes involving drinking and smoking has a tag smoking /drinking is injurious to health.
  •          But nobody knows how far it is effective. Will the film watchers find time and interest in reading the tags? , Not at all. They only get influenced by what their star does. It was disheartening to see screen savers in one of my friends mobile. It had animations involving a baby who smokes in a stylish way, and a baby with a beer bottle. This makes it more than sufficient for anybody to explain the status of world today. Drinking and smoking not only affects ones health but also their social status. One might think it is stylish and trendy but in a long run when they become addicts, people, even the ones who introduced the habit to them, will look down upon them. Tasmac has become one of the favorite freaking places for many youngsters , even school goers.
  •          So many ill effects, life hazards may be threatening but it is a serious issue to be spoken about today. We have many rehabilitation centers which conduct counseling and even treatment, free of cost, to help the people from the grips of death. One can make the best use of all these ways and quit the habit. Alcohol and cigarettes, are they such a loyal friend to you for whom you want to give off your life?! Think Friends.. Quit drinking and smoking - pave a way for life to roll

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