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Woman is an embodiment of poise and elegance. This is what our literature, our customs, our value systems, societal dogmas incarnate the woman with.

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Woman is an embodiment of poise and elegance.  This is what our literature, our customs, our value systems, societal dogmas incarnate the woman with. The concept of a strong woman conjures up all sorts of stereotypical images and thoughts.  My question to the young woman of today, have you given a thought about how tough you are or you can be? We never care a damn to think about it until we are forced to, when being tough is but the only choice.

Women get crippled by the lack of confidence or the overpowering dominance by the men. I look at this dominance in a different dimension – overpowering insecurity of men when they are faced with a tough woman! Gone are the days when choosing a domain for specialization (in College) there used to be a label for the “girly” domain… And gone are the days where, the women where looked upon for specific industries and were excluded from venturing into the heavy weighted industries as it required ‘Strong’ hand! Today, 8 of the top 10 women in ‘Most Powerful Women’ list of 2014 are into the heavy industries such as tech, energy, defense, autos and consumer durables. They all have proved to have the strong hands… rather a ‘Strong Mind” These are women who have pushed themselves through difficult transformations within as well as around them. Women no longer are confined to the ‘Creative’ jobs!

They say, it takes a huge lot of crisis to get a woman in leadership. And this is one statement that I completely disagree. Probably I guess, that must have been a man`s statement.. When a woman is capable of making it till that point in her career, then she most assuredly will make it a success at the top. And to make it till that point and further to the top all that today`s young women needs is THE ATTITUDE! Given today`s acme of competition, a young woman graduating from college must bear in mind to shed away her docile, meekly disposition of her.

One thing that is going to take you to the top is your “I am a tough nut to crack!” attitude. It is all but your strength from inside that is going to take you to the top! For an aspiring young woman, the odds in life are many.


And she can shatter any number of odds with her attitude of ‘Being Tough’.

  • Your Attitude reflects in the way you look at your life!
  • Your Attitude reflects in the decisions you make!
  • Your attitude reflects in your dreams!
  • Your attitude reflects in your choices!
  • Your attitude reflects in your achievements in career!
  • Your attitude reflects where you want to be!


During the growing up years, as a girl, she would be invigorated by everyone around her saying “ You gotto be like a Iron-Lady when you grow up” or be a strong woman…brave woman… and what not some will even quote few examples of exemplary brave woman like Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Indira Nooyi, PT. Usha and a few more. So, having been nurtured under such a tough environment preparing her to be ‘Tough’, it is quiet evident of her to evolve as a Strong, tough, brave hearted woman when she grows.  And now comes our sardonic society labelling this young woman as “Oh! Shez one Attitude woman” , “ Young Lady, You gotto mellow-down” , “ Awww…Here comes the tough and so the problematic!”

Young Women out there, Feel proud when you are labelled so. Because these are signs that tell you that you are looked upon as STRONG & TOUGH.  While in a corporate, being tough makes you to be guarded and to not go down without making sense! Tough woman in corporate do not stand by the side while the man have it all. Very few organizations realize that these tough women they have are a best resource that is promising. Also, very few bosses realize that these tough women they have in their team are the most capable of all.

Redefine your realness for making it to the top. All the women who are today the powerful, influential and top 50 successful women CEOs of the world, according to Forbes 2014 survey were all women who crafted their career to where they are today by redefining their realness. And astoundingly all these women have in some or the other way revealed themselves as being “The Toughest Nut to Crack”

Being a tough nut to crack….Does it sound a little deleterious? Let`s crack down the sentence for a deeper and clear understanding… When you are a STRONG woman, you are supposed to have an ATTITUDE.


And so you GET THINGS DONE, you BECOME PASSIONATE about what you do, you are COURAGEOUS to pursue your dreams, and you BE AT YOUR BEST to see yourself at the top. And that`s how it ends!

It’s no fairy tale beginning or ending while we talk of women who make it to the top. When you have BIG goals, stay strong with attitude because “You`re Worth It”. And when the world around you looks at you in fascination for what you are, why not wear your ATTITUDE all day long… Now, to see if you are one of the toughest women who could make it to the top, here is something you could watch out in you.

  • Knowing what you want
  • Speaking your mind
  • Able to give and receive equally
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Has the sense of right and wrong
  • Has Self-Esteem
  • Know who you are
  • Can be dependent, independent and interdependent
  • Can assess your wisdom

Often when we hear people say, “Shez a tough nut to crack” , they are not conferring her in a positive light and the attitude that she wears shows her as a ‘fight-spirited’ rather than as ‘Strong Willed’. And in most cases it exudes the hidden feeling or fear of these people who talk over the TOUGH NUT that they are having around – It is their insufficiency, sense of insecurity, lack of magnanimity, their finiteness, intense dominance to secure their self… and these are just a infinitesimals.
So, it is the time to admire the ‘Attitude’ of the STRONG woman who is a TOUGH NUT TO CRACK redefining her realness!!


Young Women out there..

“Be the Tough Nut to Crack by wearing your ATTITUDE all day!”



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