Call Center For Police Complaint Registration


Call Center For Police Complaint Registration

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           Call Center For Police Complaint Registration (CPCR) Introduction • CPCR is the system which is used to receive the complaints from the people through call center directly from citizens through phone and forward it to corresponding police station in the area. • This is very similar to the customer care of mobile networks giving to its customers. • By this system, people can log their complaint to this call center and this complaint will be sent to corresponding officers. • The police officers can take immediate against complaints and the peoples will be benefited by this system. • The statement “ Police department is your friend ” will become true. • The CPCR system is not so complex to implement because we have the similar kind of systems in other areas like customer care of mobile networks on our hands. Advantages of CPCR • Centralized system will handle all the complaints from people. • The police can easily get the information about any kind of crime and they may reach to the spot Immediately. • People are not complaining about small crimes happening in their area because they don’t want to go to police station. • “The Police department is your friend “ is now only at word level. Peoples are really having afraid to go to police station to give complaint also. • The peoples will get necessary response from police department for their complaints if the complaints from CPCR monitored by higher officials. • Still our peoples don’t know about for what type of crimes F.I.R should be registered. Existing System’s Drawback • The existing system is not implemented fully in all the areas in India. • Its only implemented in metropolitan cities. • No separate monitoring system’s available for monitoring the complaint status. • People – police department relationship is not so easy because of this. Some Quick points about CPCR • Quick Action against crimes. • Easy for people to communicate with police. • On time presence in spot. • Very useful for Women. • Crimes against women may be reduced. • People and police relationship will be increased. Vadhe Matharam By E.Senthilkumaran

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