Economic Crisis & Employee Productivity


The effects of the Global Economic Crisis

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  • The effects of the Global Economic Crisis have brought very disturbing facts on the vulnerability of our Market recently. Some of the World biggest and most successful organisations are being negatively affected by this crisis.
  • Irrespective of the fact that organisations are Big or small,now is the time for organisations to analyze and restructure the root causes for the slow down. They must identify the area of concerns which should be addressed with utmost priority. Organisations have to plan very simeticulously to ensure that they survive the situation until the market starts to respond positively.
  • One of the areas where most companies will be focusing on would be man power reductions and ensuring maximum Employee Productivity with the remaining work force.
  • Computers and Internet has increased the scope of Employee Productivity but it has its own drawback as well. Some surveys reveal shocking evidences that Billions of dollars are wasted due to the nonproductive use of computers for Gaming, Internet Browsing, Chatting and other irrelevant activities by employees. Each minute the employee spends on nonproductive activity will cost the employer a vast amount of resources. This is definitely an area of concern in these turbulent times.
  • It has been evident that the best way to ensure Employee productivity is to control the Internet, Games, Chatting, Data theft and etc, in the office. It is becoming more important now than ever before to enforce control on the employees.

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Posted On:  Saturday, 13 October, 2012 - 15:47

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