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Pollution from Polythene

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  • In this age of computers and Internet, Use and Throw culture is the order of the day. You use anything and after using it, throw it away. Polythene pollution has drastically disturbed Everyman's life style. Polythene material can be seen spread over in the streets, in the neighborhood, in the rivulets, river-banks of the small or big rivers. Even Gang, Yampa and other rivers all are covered with a thick layer of polythene material. Take the example of a marriage Party.
  • In every marriage function about 1000 to 1500 utensils of polythene material are used at one go. Use the Plates, glass, spoons, bowls all of plastic material and throw them away anywhere in and around the marriage Panda. This large amount of garbage remains scattered in the streets and in the Mothball. We spend a sizeable amount of money on these functions but don’t provide for garbage disposal. We have a system of first come first serve these days. In such buffet parties the guests who come first, promptly eat away the food in a hurry and throw away the garbage around them in the Panda itself. They don’t even try to find out the garbage disposal Pot. The guests are inconvenienced because of the presence of the garbage on the floor. 
  • But who bothers! If the first party has done so, the second party would also have done the same if it would have been the first to be served.Globalization has added to this problem in a big way. Electronic gadgets all are designed with a view to use and throw, because the repairs are costly. In USA and other western countries Garbage disposal problem has reached a horrifying level. But they have developed a meticulous system of garbage disposal with periodical review. In India we have to prepare ourselves for this gigantic onslaught of pollution. Enough is enough! We need to be disciplined and we must cultivate civic sense to save India from this disaster.
  • In order to fight the menace of Polythene pollution, the Local Self Government institutions have come up with laws restricting the use of polythene. But the menace of polythene continues unabated. In fact it is no use thrusting such laws which are not practical. The fact is polythene is a most useful and convenient thing. You can store lot of material on a polythene bag. In USA and other foreign countries, polythene is used in a big way and it is recycled many times. But they do not face such problems as we face in India. There are strict laws for the disposal of the polythene bags.
  • The polythene, after use, is dumped at the garbage disposal pots or Trashes. There are different garbage disposal pots for dumping polythene, paper or other waste material. There is strict enforcement of laws which provides for punitive measures if garbage is thrown at unspecified places. The citizens comply with the rules with responsibility. But in India there is no enforcement of law, with the result the entire road or the Mothball becomes the Garbage disposal place. We as citizen have a responsibility towards this burning problem. 
  • We should use the polythene material but must throw the same at specified garbage disposal pots. Law prohibiting polythene in India has become a dead law as it is not possible to enforce it. A vigilant public opinion can only fight the problems arising out of the use of polythene, for which we all must owe responsibility seriously.

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Posted On:  Friday, 12 October, 2012 - 14:37

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