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Self driving cars to hit European roads soon

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          SARTRE! Though this term might not sound familiar to most of the people out their but it can surely be the talk of the town in upcoming years. Safe Road Trains For the Environment (a.k.a SARTRE) is a project still under testing phase which if goes successful can improve the driving conditions of Europe to an huge extent and save a lot of time that people spend on driving.


          The concept behind SARTRE is pretty easy to understand. While on the move people will have the option to co-ordinate with other cars and later on surrender the control of their care to the in built system that will drive the car all the way. This might look like a chase sequence without any jumping actor or the car convoy of some VIP but it might just be a common sight in days to come if testing is successful for SARTRE.

          The test will be done with two cars within next 15 days and a five car test will be completed somewhere in 2011. If all goes well then we might just be able to wrap up a date or finish an important meeting while on the way to office!

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Author:  sheela
Posted On:  Saturday, 13 October, 2012 - 11:56

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