With the corporate climate becoming extremely anti-bureaucratic, the wise means to get noticed is to be a people’s person.

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Sometimes, being at the right place at the right time just isn’t enough. The key is to be meet the right person at the right place and the right time. While going to right business school and reading the right business headlines and even donning the right business attire might be a wise corporate move, it would still be in vain if you don’t know the right people to get the right job. Networking is the golden word. Making acquaintances and meeting and greeting the right people in the corporate market is an essential aspect.

The right traits

The traits and talents required in other to successfully network are umpteen. Confi dence and a solid command over the colloquial language is a starter. Effective communication and thorough knowledge of the subject will take you a long way and also fi nd you favours from the right people in terms of networking. It is very crucial to expand your network or circle of acquaintances when you are looking out to launch a career or get a job. To do so, the best means is to get noticed. Get out there and be visible. The idea is let as many people as possible know that you exist in the corporate arena. Stay positive, and read up a lot. Everything that you were taught in your esteemed B-school will be put to practice from the time you start networking and reaching out. Build business relationships to familiarize yourself with the current corporate market. Stay open to new ideas and be ready to learn. Every individual that you come across can be a potential resource and bearer of essential business, personal or professional knowledge. Learn to be proactive and be well informed. In order to be remembered and appreciated, you need to able to impress the concerned person.



The right place

To make friends and gather contacts, your approach does not have to be completely formal initially. Social get-togethers and informal meetings such as the corporate or even social clubs have proven effective to build lasting liaisons. Once employed the connections you’ve made and the network you’ve created can make you an enviable asset when compared to your other colleagues. Getting on to the social network to meet and greet people is also a good idea. Social profi les and accounts can also be a medium to understand the particular corporate or offi ce. You can judge and outlay the temperament of an individual based on their profi les on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. A more proper, formal and well connected portal to network and met people is Linkedin. It is often used by potential recruiters to hunt for candidate. If you are looking to meet people or employees from a particular sector and company, than Linkedin is a great place to start. Networking should not be done with the sole purpose of getting a job or a promotion. If you are a bloke with old school habits then turn to the good old yellow pages to call and set up appointments. Sometimes a phone call made at the right moment to the right person can make all the difference.

The right people

A good corporate player should network among their peers and folks of similar cadre. Doing so will give you an insight into alternative professional thoughts. Start by meeting like-minded people, it will give you a better and brighter perspective on things. Remember that personal relationships are crucial. People like to work and do business with those who they like and trust.


The motivation to network shouldn’t be for the sake of self-improvement, but for mutual growth. Personal relationship is a human need and is often considered as an essential catalyst for success and growth. When you become acquaintances or employee the goal should be to grow with the organisation and act as a useful resource. The relationship should be productive. Networking provides the platform for a profi cient and tactical relationship building. To leverage from networking, one must stay in constant touch. Business contacts should be made in order to understand the nitty-gritty of the corporate workings and to learn the dynamics within an organisation. Make sure that you facilitate a win-win relationship through networking, because just like you, the other person is also establishing contact with you in order to benefi t and simultaneously grow. Networking is a means to create a solid referral portfolio and to accelerate your professional development. Being a known name and the face in the company has its own assets.

Remember that networking is the best and most effi cient means for knowledge resourcing. When at a party or corporate do, make sure to introduce yourself to everyone in the room. Irrespective of the designation or the industry they belong from, every individual you will meet is an asset in some way or the other. Leave no hand unshaken. With the boardroom scenario evolving and corporate culture changing, the strict code of authority is diminishing. The clear cut line of authority and the steadfast rule of power has faded. In today’s corporate houses, every individual is important. And how well an employee does his/her job and how swiftly or quickly they get promoted or recognised depends solely on their individual networking skills. The purpose of networking in the corporate ste up or otherwise if to maximize opportunities for all the people involved.



For remember, as the old idiom says ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’



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Author:  buddingmanagers
Posted On:  Wednesday, 26 November, 2014 - 13:24

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