Millennial woman.. Is SHE really empowered?

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Let me instigate my column with few questions to make you ponder…Do you think the millennial woman today is more empowered than her foremothers? Coz she is either far more educated than her foremothers? Or Coz she is adding up numerous degrees next to her name? Or Coz she is a ‘Western Individualist’ and a ‘Western Feminist’ in her thoughts? Or Coz she is able to clone her male equivalent in every way possible?

Indian women in olden days were scholars not by mere education. Neither did they have many degrees tagged to their names. Still, they had attained reverence from kings and were involved in major ‘Decision Making’ in states and political affairs. The Medieval Indian women took to enormous struggles to have their mark in the workplace even before the 16th century. Despite the struggles that SHE was put through, many a women have found and carved their own path and left us all a mark that is unique and beguiling with a story behind each of such successes. They were Doctors, Physicians, Social Reformers, Cultural Reformers, Politicians, Business owners and the like. One common quality of all these highly luminous women is that they all have had that strong endurance and a unique individualism. None of those successful foremothers of ours set us an example by cloning their male equivalent! Rather, they did it by being distinctively individualistic and empowered!

For the Modern and the millennial woman, All I say in this write is ‘Empowerment’ is not given to you by somebody as postulated. You get empowered from within yourself! And the real empowerment is when you understand your capabilities and are able to take independent decisions. And this does not require big degrees at the back of your name. But what is required is your Strength and Endurance in overcoming the odds with calm demeanor and your Unique Individualism.


I`ve sectioned this piece of read into four: Ancient Woman – her inspiring and charismatic position she earned! Medieval Woman – her suffering and the subdued life of misery and subjugation to male dominance, Modern Woman – her struggles to fight between the paradoxes of ‘Can I’ or ‘Can I not..’ Millennial Woman – her emergence to win the position that she once owned several centuries ago!

Ancient Woman – Awe-inspiring Foremothers…

SHE is an awe inspiring foremother of ours. She was portrayed as goddess and were respected by men to high regard. Many a women were highly influential and powerful in the decree of state politics. Some women had uniquely positioned their brilliance in the skills of Administration, Politics, Economic and Arts & Culture. These women possessed and elucidated exemplary skills in Business strategies, making Business talks and Business relations, Growing Wealth and much more. She was audacious and clever in managing the home as well as affianced in the support to her male equivalent.

Medieval woman.. Misery in the Mellow!

SHE was in the ‘Black years’ for Indian women. This is the period which changed the whole ideology of the society towards women. The various invasions, conquests and the British rule resulted in the decline of the stature that our foremothers earned with revere. Women were treated as a sole property to be owned by the father, brother, husband or the son! This adversely affected her freedom, the individualism, and the endurance that SHE earlier possessed.



The native Indian men, in their quest to protect and shield their women resulted in subduing her to stay at home. All the new evil practices in the name of tradition, protection and societal concerns emanated from here. The men continued to enjoy the privilege of dominance bestowed on them. And this continues till this century! The medieval woman lost her strength, endurance and individualism which her foremothers had!

Inspite of all these challenges evolved eminent women like: Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, a medical practitioner, Social reformer, and the first woman legislator in India. Dr.Kadambini Ganguli, One of the first female physicians of south Asia to be trained in western medicine. Rukmini Devi Arundale, Theosophist, Dancer, Choreographer of the Indian Classical dance, also an activist for animal rights and welfare. They all feature in India Today`s list of ‘100 people who shaped India’. A closer look into these women`s success path shows us a clear message of their untarnished quality of a strong individualism that they possessed! They were respected, empowered and powerful. They enjoyed the position of immaculate respect and stature. Our foremothers naturally owned the spirit of absolute audaciousness, bravery, charismatically independent and the dignified poise to rule!

Modern woman..Can I or Can I Not?

SHE is in a transition phase of emancipating herself from the shackles of dominating and demanding men who try to subdue her in the name of societal dogmas. Her status is a kind of paradoxical. SHE left the secured domain of her home and is now in the battlefield of life/career, fully armored with her talent but fixed in a muddle of innumerable questions in her mind.


Can I do it ? What will the society think of me? Am I treated equal to my male equivalent? Am I doing away with values? Do I have the rights to dream of being independent? Ultimately, SHE has to prove really hard to get her dues which are yet to be paid!

Millennial woman.. Miracle in the Morrow!

SHE is a woman of Post 1990s with heaps of dreams that are as vivacious as she is! A woman who is all set to define the future business enterprises across the globe! A woman who is quick paced, hysterical and full of energy. The smart and savvy women of today – The Millennial woman have evolved to be in the success race steadfastly pursuing her dreams turned goals. Millennial woman is more practical and rational. Undeniably the women of today are more expressive and independent than women of all ages. On one side, SHE is at the peak of ladder of success, on the other hand she is mutely suffering the violence afflicted on her by her own family members and fellow brethren. As compared with past, women in modern times have achieved a lot but in reality they have to still travel a long way.

Going by what has been described of the millennial woman, it might give you an impression of a “Wonder Woman” indeed! Isn’t it? Nevertheless, she is a wonder woman who fights many pressures and odds in society, family and faces a lot more prejudices and strives to shine in glory. But in this process, SHE gets lost somewhere in the middle and get succumbed to the ideologies forced into her from the so called ‘Western + Civilization = Westernization’ of women! When we dig deeper to analyze what this ‘westernization’ has had on our Millennial Woman, it throws back on us a proliferating shock!



The shock of seeing our wonder woman losing her INDIVIDUALISM, EMPOWERMENT and ENDURANCE. As mentioned earlier, these three were the success formula and vital qualities of our Awe-inspiring foremothers!

Today, our millennial woman is willing to adopt principles from a world that once had been the cause for her misery today! The westernization she gets attracted to, is from a world that once looked at women as a mere object! How prodigious it would be if SHE could adopt the principles of our very own foremothers who had unrivaled respect and reverence among all men in the society and was so powerful in her thoughts and deeds!

Jus Ponder…for the millennial woman

Leaving a question for the Millennial woman to ponder.. Given a choice, which out of the 2 will you prefer? Either giving yourself to the so called ‘Modernized Individualism’ of the western world that disrespected SHE (or) Gaining your position in the society as like our foremothers who earned reverence for themselves through their distinctive individualism?

Choice is yours… If you are willing to anchor in you, these 3 vital SHE Powers – Empowerment, Endurance and Distinctive Individualism, undoubte dly the future of corporate strides will be in your hands! You can/will rule over the corporate world as a real WONDER WOMAN..the Millennial Woman



First Break the Rules! Get the SHE Power!

Consciously make effort to stay away from cloning your male equivalent in every possible way so that you don’t end up losing your very vital woman individuality!

Must imitate our foremothers rather than imitating the western model of individualism!

Need to understand that empowerment is not given, and it is all within you. You must be empowered to take decision on all concerns, be it your education, family or career. And get to know what you really want in life.

Engrain in you the strength and endurance of our foremothers. Be strong willed to pursue your dream with no compromise.


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