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What was UNIVAC?

A. A computer
B. A Super computer
C. A software Programme
D. A Computer Company
Ans : A

Which among the following is NOT a classical language?

A. Tamil
B. Telugu
C. Kannada
D. Malayalam
Ans : D

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is from which country?

A. Sudan
B. Nigeria
C. Congo
D. Somalia
Ans : A

Which among the following are TOP 3 debtors of World Bank ?

A. India, South Africa, Mexico
B. India, Mexico, South Africa
C. India, Mexico, Pakistan
D. Mexico, India, South Africa
Ans : A

Which among the following state was India’s largest Rice Producer?

A. Tamilnadu
B. Andhrapradesh
C. Punjab
D. Karnataka
Ans : B

Which among the following bank has the largest ATM network in the country?

B. State Bank of India
Ans : B

A "biological death" occurs/takes place when

A. there is no pulse and heartbeat
B. pupils show no reaction to light
C. all the body cells die after a few hours of clinical death
D. pupils are fixed and dilated
Ans : B

A bat is

A. Mammal
B. a reptile
C. a bird
D. an avian
Ans : A

Who is the top run getter in Cricket World Cup 2011?

A. Kumar Sangakara
B. Sachin Tendulkar
C. TM Dilshan
D. Gautam Gambhir
Ans : C

India won the Cricket World Cup 1983 by defeating -

A. Autralia
B. West Indies
C. England
D. South Africa

Ans : B