Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management Courses are specifically designed for companies which have large distribution channels. Manufacturing enterprises with multiple production facilities and a chain of outlets and distribution channels require professionals with supply chain management degrees. In today’s world of global markets, and enhanced business processes it is essential to have a foolproof supply chain system for effective distribution of commodities.
Supply chain management jobs seek the best professionals available. Institutes have set up specialized supply chain management programs at post graduate levels for grooming individuals as effective supply chain professionals. These professionals apart from manufacturing and distributing companies are needed in transportation sector, aviation, logistics companies, shipping corporations and multi-product conglomerates. 
SCM jobs in India exist in all enterprises engaged in distribution network either in production or sales. Careers in Supply Chain Management attract the best professionally trained candidates from all corners of the globe. Supply Chain Management professionals are employed in the capacities of Supply Chain Directors, Supply Chain Network Manager, and Supply Chain Consultant.