Americanisms: The long and short of it!

English is indeed a funny language. Funnier still are some of the euphemisms and slang that have crept into the language along the way, as it became the word of mouth across the globe.
Effective communication being the underlying essence of all our day to day interactions, especially at the global workplace, it becomes all the more important for us to decipher and converse in these dialects. Shall we say, when you are in Rome, be a Roman.
American English is quite different from what is spoken in Britain and the sentiment is very strong on this. So, avoid comments on American slang and spellings. An average Indian's repository of English has a smattering of Americanisms despite the strong influence of the British Raj. So it might not be very difficult conversing with an American, if you can get familiar with some common references, words and of course a few ground rules.
Most Americans find it difficult to pick up what we say due to three reasons. We tend to speak faster than they do, and hence it becomes difficult to follow. Besides, our strong accent and body language add to the confusion. The best way out is to speak at a slower pace and try not to put on an accent. There is a tendency to put on a false American accent, which should be avoided.
Ensure that your conversations are courteous; never interrupt a person talking, but wait till he finishes what he has to say. If you don't understand, get it clarified immediately. Fine-tune your listening skills; it improves communication.