Education Management System
A Web Application for Educational Institutions - Version R02-2010

Education Management Software is like a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which integrates all data and processes of an educational institution into a unified system. It provides technology solutions for better education management, thereby leveraging IT for efficient management of academic institutions.

Developed in close coordination with educationists after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of educational institutions, EMS provides all that you need for the smooth functioning of the institutions. This is a single point integrity platform that makes maintaining, updating and retrieving of data in ease of manner.



* Student Profile with photo
* Previous Achievements
* Attendance Details
* Assignment Details
* ClassTime Table
* Academic Fees Details
* Exam Schedules
* Exam Marks & Results
* Personal assessment
* Scheduled Holidays
* Internal Mail System
* Graphical Analytical Report

* Student Profile
* Attendance Report
* Scheduled Holidays
* Academic Fees Details
* Exam Details
* Internal Mail System
* Exam Schedules
* Result Reports
* SMS / Email Notification
* Student Assessment Reports
* Internal Mail System
*Communication with Management
* Performance Analysis Report
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* Employee Profile
* Attendance Posting
* Teaching Time Table
* Assignment Manipulation
* Marks Posting
* Holidays Schedule
* Student Search
* Internal Mail System
* Communication with parents
* Exam Schedule
* Consolidated Student Reports
* Graphical Analytical Report

* User Roles & Permission
* Course Management
* Batch Construction
* Semester/Class Construction
* Syllabus Regulation
* Subject Allocation
* Subject -Tutor Mapping
* Time Table Manipulation
* Examination Cell
* Fees Management
* Holiday Management
* Employee/Student Tracking System
* Hostel Management
* Internal Mail System
* Comprehensive MIS Reports
* Decision Support System
* Student/ Staff Search
* Consolidated Student/ Staff Reports
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Key Features of EMS

  • Extremely secure, login authenticated system
  • Accelerate and expand communications with SMS and email reports
  • Reduces burden to Lecturers and Professors at the time of Auditing( AICTE, ISO, NAC etc)
  • Integrated key functions of finance and employee management
  • Parents can keep track of their child's progress
  • Anytime, Anywhere accessible
  • Graphical Analytical Reports
  • Regular Newer Versions updated at free of cost
  • Zero Hardware Extension
  • Lecturers, administrators, students and parents get the key Benefits

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