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I recently went through a few sites and blog post that discussed “must have gadgets for students”. I think the only must have you need for study a computer, pen and paper and your brain. However, many gadgets can make your life easier especially during your study abroad.

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Laptop obviously a must have for your study. Nowadays you have to do your assignments essays on computer not to mention the research. Laptop also provides the freedom for you to get the wireless capabilities and allow you to sit around the campus or use your own laptop in the library. Most of the laptops today provide the same performance as desktop computers and with long battery life unbeatable option. Some of you might say a cheap desktop at home better and cheaper and you can use the school computer on-site. Well try this during the exam period when everyone buzzing around the library and stuff. It is happened when to wait more than an hour to get access to school computer.

Pen drive:

Although must have for security reasons. Even you saved all your work on your computer should have a secondary copy in the pen drive. Or you can just carry your work between the school and home if you using the schools computer. The “double save” might sound paranoid but happened in some cases. Incase u had to submit your work printed and digital format (CD). All the CD’s were unreadable on the schools computers and the pen drive copy saved your life.


Actually, it is not a gadget more like a service - Dropbox. You are able to store up to 2 gigabyte data online for free. The client program updates the online folder automatically and you can access anywhere with any computer with internet connection. I consider as a virtual pen drive. Dropbox provide you a web surface to access your personal folder with your login name and password.

Book scanner:


I only recommend this if you cannot make a photocopy from the book’s chapter you need. Especially during the exam period you might face the situation: all the copies already out from the library and you only can use the reference one which you cannot take home. During exam period, you need a lot of book for your assignments. Therefore, if you are not quick enough will end up in the library for long hours. Book scanner can help you in case you are not able to make photocopy in the library or can save you money (photocopy going to cost you in the library). Open a book, start scanning the text, it’ll get stored in the flash memory on the device, where you can plug it into your computer and read again. It is a brilliant invention for note taking and research, or even copyright infringement if necessary.

Dictaphone – Digital Voice Recorder:

Universities are pod cast their lectures nowadays, but not all of them. Just try to sit as close as possible to the teacher and pop your Dictaphone to the table. It would useful during your team projects when u had to work with other students and preparing together for the group presentation. Of course, you always can take notes but if you have a Dictaphone why not use it. Alternatively, you might buy a mp3 player with recording capability but the sound quality probably a bit lower.

Noise canceling headphone: Koss Earphone

          Noise canceling headphone also not a necessity but could be useful in many ways. “KOSS The Plug” which is provide perfect sound quality for listening music and keep the surrounding world noise outside. Alternatively, you can use it as an earplug if flat mates or the neighbors decide to throw a party when you study. It is also useful in the busy library.

Kindle:  Wireless Reading Device


Kindle is a full library in your pocket. You can access a tremendous amount of books, online newspapers and Wikipedia. In addition, you can upload books in pdf format. You can find many books online in pdf format even rare ones. The new model already on preorder in the UK too. The only disadvantage, it is not cheap. However, if you can afford it you will not regret.

Mobile phone:

          Well I guess everyone has at least one so I do not really need to explain this. Nevertheless, how your cell phone can help your study? Certain kind of phone could. I mean smartphones like Nokia E series, Blackberry or iPhone 4 not the basic models. You can access your emails all the time even can connect to the virtual blackboard if you need to check it on the way. When u did not find WIFI for your laptop you are able to make a hotspot from the E71 with the Joikuspot application. Joikuspot create a two-way connection and provide you a wifi access point with the phone 3G and WIFI connection. The basic version is free. Of course, if you connect your phone with a cable it is much simply.


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Author:  ilanin
Posted On:  Friday, 12 October, 2012 - 17:07

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