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Being a woman of substance and style - The quintessential ability is to propel in your career. It takes more than what you know to see yourself in the world of corporations` and businesses` board room. I am not going to start from the middle of a success story or share a success story. But I am going to share from the root, from the beginning of what it takes you to be successful in the pursuit of being ‘The CEO Aspirant’. I would rather mention that as pain points for women of all times not just today! The objective here is clear to make young women like you to make decisions that matter which are essentially to be made by you right from the start of your career or if I may put it rather empirically why not from today?

Women are progressing in the world of corporate heads and getting into the board room. Though the percentile is a mere 4.8%(reportedas on FY 2014) attributing to the women CEOs in the Fortune 500 companies, it has doubled in the past four years which gives us a ray of hope. To be a ‘Woman in the Board Room’can be a far-sighted vision for you at this moment or may be a spur that strikes your mind. Accept your inner voice and respond! Coz it’s your Thoughts which evolves into your Belief and directs you’re Actions and guides the Perceptions of the outer world around you. Nurture your thoughts strong enough to believe that you are making it to the BOARD ROOM one day! And it’s not going to be far enough…Sow the 7 seeds to Success as a CEO Aspirant which gets you to the direction you crave for.

SEED 1: Don’t listen to the voice in your head that doubts whether or not you deserve to be in a certain role or whether or not you are good enough. Confidence can be the secret sauce that allows you to maximize your impact and achieve your goals.



Find your voice and make it heard. Believe that you are poised for greater things. Aspiring to be the CEO can never be an accident. It can be by your choice! Go for it…. ‘Believe that you are chosen to BE!’I have always been convinced with the belief that women right from the days of evolution have been naturally bestowed with the inner strength of her mind to bear surmountable pain with a purpose. So, undoubtedly you are poised for greater challenges which you will deal with élan. All that I appeal here to you is to have this belief on you about your strong inner self.

SEED 2: Bring your whole self to work. Nevertheless it becomes relatively a challenging and the most daring act for a woman to be able to take out the thoughts of family and position your aspirations on top. Get it right from the start to compartmentalize your life and each day at work. Learn and acclimate your sail through the ‘Wind of Life’ swiftly to the place you aspire to be – The Board Room. This is where we tend to get trapped! Women get engulfed in the ‘Thought of Guilt’ when placing Career over life and willingly compromise your dreams of ‘being in the Board Room’ for the sake of family well-being. As a CEO Aspirant, get over the feeling of guilt and get ready to embrace your dream of getting to the Board Room while beautifully balancing the act between Work and Life. Always remember, the roots of the family are grounded with women yet its branches may grow out in different directions simply like the branches of a tree. Be Passionate, pain becomes a pleasure.

SEED 3: Get mentored by like-minded seniors. Expand your connections with the women on the board or the champions in the pursuit and get them to mentor you.


Engrain the second habit from Stephen Coveys` 7 habits – ‘Begin with the end in mind’ very powerfully deep-rooting the end you aspire of becoming the CEO. The right direction from the beginning will lead you to your destination pretty much quicker than you could think of or rather it will make your path stumble-free by way of constant Motivation, Moral support, Novelty and Ideas and provide you that ‘Cushion support’ that all look for at times.

SEED 4: Be so Curious, Competent and Committed and Compassionatetowards every activity at workplace that you get involved with. Make people feel the want to be in your team. Know how you are perceived and the effect you have on others. Remember that everything... in every situation... is about the people you work withand the effect you have on them. If that doesn’t match the effect you desire, work for it with the belief ‘Everything is Workable’. Be passionately curious about everything around you, your work and your people. Never defy your minds` questions. Instead seek answers and find one.

SEED 5: Keep learning from everyone and everything around you. Life is a powerful education if you pay attention, and benefits your world if you are ‘humble enough to be introspective and smart enough to apply’the life lessons you learn from it. You are amazing and the difference between an ordinary and an extra-ordinary individual is the fact that the former hasn’t realized the indomitable power within them while the later has realized, acknowledged and worked that power to show it to the outer world.


SEED 6: Define your Leadership stylebased on the natural quality bestowed on you as a woman: as nurturing, relatable, empowering, results-focused, giving, coaching, open, positive, change and r risk oriented. Craft your uniqueness in your leadership style. ‘Be so very unique to Zig while all other women Zag!’Being a Woman is ‘All-Contained’to be a natural leader who can be Assertive, Firm, Supportive, and Persistent. You will win your way to the board room with these inherent qualities that you possess and when you bring to the surface.


SEED 7: Just be happy to be making a difference, serving others, and continuing to learn.Create your path and takesteps to be able to make a bigger difference in people’s lives and to continue to challenge yourself. A woman indeed is bequeathed with the qualities for giving more. Acclaim that latent quality from within to make people grow. Make your actions to inspire others to ‘Dream more, Learn more, Do more and Become more’. And that`s what lands you right there in that hot seat as a CEO.


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