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iBoss -Education Management system which covers Student Enquiry, Admission Management, Department Management, Student Management and Examination Management etc


Education Management System is like a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which integrates all data and processes of an educational institution into an unified system. With excellent domain and technical expertise, iBoss EMS has been developed by working closely with premium institutions and domain experts in the education sector.

Unique Selling Point ((USP)

  1. iBoss EMS a Web-Based Educational ERP covers all the processes from Admission to Alumni - Single point Integrity system. Some of the players offer stand alone solution which needs installation, frequent support and good networking (LAN) throughout the institution.

    Implementation of iBoss eliminates all other stand alone software if any as it broadly covers all kinds curriculum as well as administrative processes

  2. Best Domain Proficiency by having co-ordination with Experts team (listed above).

    Our experts team members are trained by the NAAC for Accreditation and Re-accreditation and served as Peer Team Member for auditing. We can proudly say that iBoss is a generic product which suits for all kind of Education Institution from University to College from autonomous to affiliated and from Engineering to Polytechnic etc.


  1. iBoss ERP includes supporting features for NAAC, NBA(National Assessment and Accreditation Council, National Board of Accreditation ) and Autonomy.

    - It is described in the later section of the document as supporting features

  2. Streamline auditing process like IGNOU, UGC,AICTE, University, LIC (Local Inquiry Committee and ISO etc.

    Reduce burden of Lecturers and Professors at the time of Auditing able to concentrate in their core area. For instance, if the institution is ISO standard, must have annual inspection from ISO authorities. It’s a tedious process for the Lecturers to prepare all kinds of graphical and analytical reports from the raw database. Samples are Failure analysis reports, Employee performance report, Pass percentage Report for each subjects etc

  3. ERP acts as Decision Support System for Management as analytic and reporting tool is available as inbuilt.

Features :

  • Extremely Secured Authenticated System
  • Instant Access to the Information required for Decision making.
  • Eliminate Data Repetition in different sections of the Institution
  • Provision to mark left students at any point of time
  • Accelerate and Expand Communication through SMS / Email alerts, Circulars and Internal mails
  • Auto detection & Manipulation of Arrear Exams
  • Anytime, Anywhere Accessible


  • Supports infinite number of Roles with distinguished permissions.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • Auto-generation of Exam timetables with dynamic substitute management
  • Intelligent analytic and reporting
  • Exporting of reports to MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF documents
  • High level Data Security
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes Administrative Reports

ERP-iBoss Education Management system for more details visit:www.cmsvirtual.com


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